Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer Check-in...

As the sun has finally made an appearance and I'm getting ready to take some annual leave, I thought I would check-in to see how everyone is doing for MAPPing thoughts over the break.
You should all have received now your grades (via UniHub) and feedback on your most recent submissions (via your Advisor) and hopefully had a chance to read through it, reflect a little, ready to feed forward to your next module on the MAPP DTP.

Updated module handbooks for 2013/14 (they will be labelled as such under the Modules and Materials tab) will be uploaded onto our LibGuides page in August, if you would like a hardcopy sent to you, please drop me an email confirming this with the postal address you would like it sent to and I'll be happy to do this.  As always, any queries you may have about the modules please do talk to your advisor.

Otherwise, enjoy your summers, enjoy some pre-reading, preliminary research AND a break!

I leave you with a quote from an Alexander Technique workshop I took with Rebecca Netti-Fiol over the weekend,

'We must remain adjustable...always'