Thursday, 9 March 2017

Stumbling with confidence...

I was reading this piece from Paul Kleiman on my train journey this morning (on my way to assess some student work actually)...I thought it might resonate with you too ...

Let me know what you think!


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Roots and Parties...

The second Skype discussion today took on lots of visual imagery as we talked around communication, subjectivity, structure, literature, language and choices...through images of trees, roots, ballerinas en pointe and party guest lists!

For me, there was much about the process of the discussion today which resonated with the process of research; a common ground that Sam and Alice mentioned in relation to their literature searching.

Everyone offered starting points, seeds, possible roots to grow from.  As the discussions unfolded we moved with ease, not in a clear, linear manner from one beginning to one end, but around multiple beginnings, multiple roots from the many seeds that had fallen at the outset.  Something of a rhizome emerged (roots with multiple shoots - philosophically, research that allows for multiple, non-hierarchical entry and exit points in data representation and interpretation) as a structure supporting our discussion allowing for multiple possible interpretations and many trajectories.  

This mirrors the research process.  As I said as we started the conversation, the aim of it is not to pose a question, seeking an answer to that question, but to offer a seed for discussion, seeing, in relationship with others where that might go.  

Your research is the same; your interest, ideas, passions, questions are your seeds.  
Alone they will not flourish. 
Through exposure to other elements; each other, the voice of the literature, the environment of your practice... they can be nourished and thrive.

It was a great active discussion during this session;

Davis is going to share further his thoughts around the ideas of clarity and interpretation 

Alice was interested in talking more about relevance and meaning in beginning to streamline her research, looking at drawing up the guest list for a party.

Sam wanted to follow-up on the notion of us making choices in our research and beginning to look at the ethical implications around these choices.

Parimala will share thoughts around our personal, social, cultural roots.

Raymond is talking about looking at and situating yourself, your practice within a bigger picture and offered an interesting story in the conversation around the language we use to communicate, when talking about a friend experiencing Romeo and Juliet through classical ballet.

Laura will carry on the discussion around subjectivity in dance and our interpretations and intentions.

There was some nice sharing of resources also, don't forget to share these through your blogs and discuss with each other what you're reading...