Sunday, 4 March 2018

2nd skype discussion March 4th...

Our 2nd discussion group today had many voices, mostly sharing themes around reflection, reading, revealing 'gaps' in the literature and how we might relate to the development of our professional practice.

We talked about the idea of adding the 'the field' of your practice, of your research and of ways in which to structure the literature in order to make meaningful what you read to what you know and what you don't know but are seeking through the literature.

There were examples from peoples specific teaching practice shared, research inquiry ideas and process shared and generally a feeling of working together, listening and sharing in order to learn. There was an acceptance of feeling lost (multiple times) along the MA journey and of hitting points of 'crisis' when different perspectives to those you held as 'true' are perhaps knocked by something you read and engage with now through your MAPP learning - GREAT!! Remember life, practice, research is not a linear path from A to B... enjoy the wiggles and bumps along the way, they let you know you are alive and learning!!

Those who were part of this discussion will continue these conversations through their blogs, do check them out and comment, so that the blogs reach their potential of being interactive conversations.

Davis Hobdy
Jo Roots
Brandon Sears
Kirsty Searle
Hannah Jackson
Julie Williamson
Garry Clarke
Katherine Bates
Jane Syder
Anthea Garratt
Michael Joseph
Elissavet Linkzerakou

Please comment with the link to your blog on this conversation below...

The body as evidence...

A good first discussion today with Agata, Davis, Raymond and Rebecca.

We talked across all three modules about common themes of the body, approaches to learning and teaching technique, about structure and freedom and about the importance of multiple perspectives.

Davis reported back as Student Rep to the group from the recent Student Voice Group meeting help at the university this week and updated all on the move of the MAPP programmes from the school of Work-based learning to the school of Arts and Creative Industries and the shift in focus this allows now from work-place to practice-based. About the positive changes to handbooks in terms of language and clarity and the administrative and resource support available in the university beyond your advisors. He will blog about this and, from today's conversatiosn, about the use of breath and breathing in teaching and learning in order for us not to become or remain static in our dancing, in our lives.

Agata will share more from this conversation with a focus on how we perceive our own body as central to how we approach 'the body' in dance training through multiple techniques. 

Raymond will talk further about the notion of Intuition in our teaching - 'why do we do the things we do they way we do?' and about recognising the limitations of putting our teaching and our students 'in boxes'. 

Rebecca will blog about seeing research as a framework for deepened/extended learning and starting to look within rather than outside us for inspiration and knowledge.

This looking within, reminded me of a workshop I observed with Shobhana Jeyasingh and our BA choreography students at the university this week. She spoke in reference to her own work about seeing 'the body as evidence'. Looking at what stories it has to tell and how you tell them. How do you reveal the knowing of your body. How does that shape and structure your dancing?

Let me know your thoughts...

Friday, 2 March 2018

Multiple narratives, multiple perspectives...

It has been interesting being involved in several discussions this week about how we see things, how are perceptions are shaped and how they can easily, and often unwittingly, slip into telling a story, offering a narrative as if it were a singular truth.

There are multiple ways of seeing things, interpreting a piece of choreography, reading an article, receiving some feedback and I think it is important as you enter your modules 

- reflecting on your own practice - Module One
- reviewing the voices of others in your field through the literature - Module Two
- constructing research questions and thinking about your approach to analysis - Module Three

to raise the issue of 'a single story'...

This TED talk has been shared and shared again...well worth listening/watching.

Love to hear your thoughts...

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Moving through ...

As we all get moving through the early weeks of the term, we wanted to flag up some support systems available through the university for your learning.

These are administrated through our librarian Michelle Newman, who is happy to be contacted should you have specific questions in your search for literature, questions around accessing texts online etc.. <>
We have our monthly Sunday skype discussion groups this weekend too...please make sure you comment on Adesola's blog to indicate which conversation you will be a part of. We make the call from this list, so please do comment or we may miss you!

Look forward to more conversations then!!


Monday, 12 February 2018

New Term...

Welcome to the start of the new term for the MAPP programmes, great to have new and returning students on MAPP DTP and also new students on the MAPP Dance (Specialism) programme too this term!

There were some interesting starts to our conversations via the two skype sessions on Friday and Saturdaywith some strong themes coming through around time/reflection, vulnerability/being brave and knowing and not knowing.

I believe we have a rich and vibrant community of practitioners on the MAPP programmes and it is the wealth of experiences you all bring to the programme through these discussions that make the programme and your journey on the MA both challenging and exciting.  Acknowledge the nerves at starting something new (the whole programme, the next module, Monday morning!) and embrace the confidence in the knowledge you bring to the programme and to this next phase of your learning. Do remember that the programmes are rooted in your Professional Practice, so while 'academia' and the university systems may be new and unfamiliar, your practice is not. Making these connections is fundamental to the programmes and your development as practitioners, artist-scholars as a result.

Be fiercely brave!!

If you're able to be in London on Feb 24th, jump straight in and join us for a day of artists sharing practice at the Narrating the Somatic Symposium - details and booking link below!

Saturday February 24th 

Key Note Speakers: Rosemary Lee and Richard Walsh
Key Note Movement Workshop: Jackie Guy
Workshops, performance, film and discussion with...
Namron, Sandra Golding, Pawlet Brooks, Louise Kateraga, Mary Grigg, Chikukwango Cuxima-Zwa, Akosua Boakye, Dominique Rivoal, Jacqueline McCormick, Tom Hobden, Anton Califano, Adesola Akinleye, Helen Kindred,
Stephanie Scheubeck, Eline Kieft, Nina Atkinson & Vivian Barbosa.
and ISTD Open Day

also the launch celebration of the new book edited
Narratives in Black British Dance: embodied practices.

Where: Middlesex University, London Hendon, Grove Theatre
When: 9:00 for 9:30 start to 6pm Feb 24th 2018
Tickets for the day: £5 (students), £10 (individual), £20 (institution)
Book on-line here

This Symposium follows on from August 2016 event
Watch video 

Questions: &

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

New Programme Pages on UniHub...

Please bear with us as we migrate the systems over from the previous MAPP DTP programme to the newly re-validated MAPP DTP and other new MAPP programmes (MAPP Dance and MAPP Somatic Studies). This is taking a little time to re-register you all to new programme codes in order for you to access the correct programme pages on Unihub and all of your learning materials.

The administration teams are on it...please be patient and you will be able to access the pages very soon!

Looking forward to starting the new term with you all next week.

Don't forget we have our Welcome back skypes this week Friday at 5pm /  Saturday at 2pm (UK times)

Comment on Adesola's blog if you haven't already to let us know which call you will join.. 


Friday, 19 January 2018

Narrating the Somatic Symposium Feb 24th

A date for your diaries ...

We have a coming up at Middlesex Univeristy on Saturday Feb 24th, 

Narrating the Somatic: gathering voices, sharing practices

The symposium will explore how we tell the tales of our embodied experiences and share our practices…narrating the somatic. The Symposium will bring together existing published academics, visual documentaries of movement (photography/film), and movers and choreographers practicing professionally in the field. The event also links to a call for papers for an up-coming special issue of the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices that Adesola & I will be guest editing.

Booking is now open for the event :  

It would be great to see some of you there is you're able to make it to our Hendon Campus. There will be a great mix of workshops, performances, talks and time for networking and discussions. Some of your MAPP DTP alumni will be there presenting work also.

If you want to keep up-to-date with more on the symposium, schedule for the day (to be published shortly) etc.. please do follow our Embodied Practices Blog.