Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Module One Focus - Self and Practice

Our first skype of the term with a Module One focus was a great way to begin to find our voices and start conversations with each other. 

Astrid, Brooke and Julianna were a part of this discussion and the focus centred around finding ways to articulate and share practice through writing, translating embodied experiences into words and thinking around the AOLs to develop in this module, the role of structures and frameworks in teaching and learning (in reference to classical ballet) and how these may allow growth and development in young students. We talked about finding routes into learning and looking at our practice as a route into learning on the MA programme.

Brooke, Julianna and Astrid will comment with their blog addresses here to link us to the blogs they are writing in order to share something that resonated for them from this discussion, so that we can all continue the conversations. 

Sunday, 12 January 2020

Welcome back...New term...

Well done to all of our finalists sharing their research last week...

As we approach the start of the next term some dates for all new and returning students...

We have our Welcome/Welcome back skypes on Friday Jan 24th, 5pm and Saturday Jan 25th, 2pm (UK times)

Make sure you comment on Adesola's blog to say which session you will join


If you are joining us on the programme for the first time this term, make sure you have checked any emails you may have received from our Admissions team and attended to any requests from them, this will ensure you are able to access all resources online and enrol for your first module (DAN4510).

ALL students please see the updated schedule of sessions, dates and deadlines for this term below. Please make sure you note all relevant dates and make every effort to engage with and contribute to the MAPP community this term!!

Looking forward to a great term ahead!!

PP Induction week
Jan 24-25
th 2020
First Skypes Friday Jan. 24th 2020 First Skypes Saturday Jan. 25th 2020
Please visit Adesola’s blog for up-dates and
to sign-up for the welcome skypes in.........
September https://adesolamapp.blogspot.com
MAPP 5pm MAPP 2pm
Week 1 Monday Jan 27th 2020
Study plan & Quiz
due Friday January 31st 5pm

Term starts
Week 2 Monday Feb 3rd 2020
Feedback response from all module two and three students via email to supervisors
Tuesday Feb. 4th
Online session with DAN4510 Module One focus
(Seeing your Practice and self)

Sunday Feb 9th
MAPP Monthly discussion group
(Knowing and Learning) 8pm

Week 3 Monday Feb 10th 2020
Monday Feb 10th
Online session with DAN4630 Module Two focus
(Research as mapping to build understanding) 9am

Week 4 Monday Feb 17th 2020
Week 5 Monday Feb 24th 2020
Student Voice Week (Wednesday 26th)
Wednesday Feb 26th
Online session with DAN4760 Module Three focus
(the ‘event’ of data) 8pm

January 2020 to June 2020 1
Sunday March 1st
MAPP discussion group
(theory and frameworks)
Week 6 Monday March 2nd 2020
Monday March 2nd 2019
DAN4510 AOLs last day for drafts to
supervisors via email
Week 7 Monday March 9th 2020
Sunday March 15th
MAPP Open discussion group
Week 8 Monday March 16th 2020
Monday March 16th
Online session with DAN4630 Module Two focus – MORE ETHICS process
Week 9 Monday March 23rd 2020
Monday March 23rd Wednesday March 25thh Friday March 27th
DAN4510 RPL claims submitted
AOLs and RPL claim form via turnitin
DAN4760 last day for Draft Overview and
Analysis sections of Critical Review
DAN4630 MORE forms completed submitted
Week 10 Monday March 30th 2020
Tuesday March 31st 2020
Online session with DAN4510 Module One focus
(synthesis of information through reflection)

Saturday April 4th
MAPP Open discussion group
January 2020 to June 2020 2
Spring Break April 5th to 19th 2020
Spring Break
Week 11 Monday April 20th 2020
No tutorials can be booked with Supervisors after Wednesday April 22nd
Tuesday April 21st 2020
Online session with DAN4760 Module three focus (The ways ideas can be communicated)

Week 12 Monday April 27th 2020
Final submission due
Friday May 1
st midnight 2019
Submit work for assessment via Turnitin
End of Term
Assessment Period
Wednesday May 13th
MAPP Oral Presentations/Viva
Friday May 15th
MAPP Oral Presentations/Viva

Monday, 16 December 2019

Finalist Presentations in January...

Well done on getting work submitted for all modules. 

We are now in the marking period and then taking a break over the holidays, so please note that we will not in email or skype contact now until January

Your handbooks for your next modules will be live for you to download on Friday Dec 20th from our programme page on Unihub, these will include your updated schedule of activities, skype sessions, dates and deadlines etc for the term ahead - Jan 27 - May 1, 2020.

We would like to invite all those in Module one and two to attend the MAPP Finalist presentations which will be held on Jan 8th and 9th 2020 at our Hendon, London campus. 

If you are in the UK you are expected to make every effort to attend to support your peers and get a valuable insight into their areas of research inquiry, and a chance to see what you are moving into in your next terms of study! 

Presentations run as follows:

MA Professional Practice, Dance Technique Pedagogy
MA Professional Practice, Dance (specialisation)
Finalist Presentations

January 8th and 9th 2020
Middlesex University London

Jan 8th 2020 - room PAG03

1.00 Nighat Chaodhry
1.30 Dilini Seneviratne
2.00 Tara-Jane Warburton
2.30 Marianella Rodriguez

Jan 9th 2020 - room C218

11.00 Terri Adams  
11.30 Katya Coleiro
12.00 Agata Lawniczak

Those of you not in the UK, please comment below if you would like to skype in to the presentations and we will do our best to make this possible.


Sunday, 1 December 2019

Open discussion...

This evening's open discussion skype group was attended by people across all three modules and the discussions centred around a general theme of reflection. We talked about reflecting across the term and what key ideas or questions had surfaced across the module you've been in. Agata spoke about the beauty of the learning being not a thing you do within any module but about recognising learning as being in the process of whatever you are doing, as well as the in-between places between modules, between terms. 

The notion of connections became apparent as people reflected on their learning journeys and and looked to bridge gaps to the next module and with their professional practice. We spoke about being in relationship with your research, your study, your practice and being able to listen to it rather than tryng to make it 'fit' or answer your questions.

Those that were a part of this discussion please comment here with your blogs to share more from your perspectives.

What are your questions? What directions might they lead you in?

Thursday, 28 November 2019

Module One focus Skype

Last night we had some good discussions around reflection, reflection-in-action, reflection-on-action, using reflection as a tool for our continued professional development. As module one is centred around your engagement with reflective theories and the relationship these have with your practice conversations bought in the need to question your practice through reflection and to challenge your own learning. Jessica offered the idea that we are in coversation with ourself in this process. Stella and others spoke of the shifts they felt in their practice, and seeing learning as a process. 

The focus of the reflective essay in module one is very much on your learning through this module, the start of your MA journey. Allow yourself space now to reflect on this journey of the past 10 weeks...What are the questions that have been raised for you? What is your relationship with the theories you've engaged with? Where are you in your practice, in this MA journey?

Blog your thoughts and comments here and those that were part of the discussion please comment adding your blog address...

Friday, 15 November 2019

A note on drafts and RPL claims...

A note for some further clarity around the role and purpose of Drafts of work.

Drafts are intended to initiate a feedback dialogue (in person, skype, via email) with your supervisor, they are not usefully used to ask if things are 'right' or sent with an expectation of receiving corrections, by way of a pre-marking opportunity.

Please do receive feedback as an extended discussion of your work

Often feedback contains prompts for further reading, suggested texts/practitioners to look at, comments regarding the level of critical thinking/analysis in your writing over overly descriptive personal narrative approaches etc.. Feedback comments are not telling you to 'correct' something and re-submit, but more trying to help you to move your thinking and writing on as we see the process of your work developmentally.

With this in mind, when you have received feedback on a draft of work, and please do consider that we are working our way through draft work from all students across the three MA programmes at this point in the term, please take time to read and consider comments made, come back to your supervisor asking to extend the conversation, arrange a skype is you have further thoughts and questions as a result of the feedback, but please try not to send a 2nd draft asking if the work is now correct, or continuous re-drafts up until the submission date.

At MA level we put our trust in you as professional people and see our role as supervisors as guiding you, being a critical friend, promting, pushing your thoughts, challenging sometimes in order for you to develop further. We are not testing you getting things 'right' we are interested in your engagement and curiosity about your own work.

RPL claims:
Those of you currently working on your AOL essays and developing your RPL claims for submission on Monday November 18th, please do make sure you complete the RPL claim sheet as a cover to your claim. 

The claim sheet is a really hlepful way for you to identify clearly to us and the Accreditation team at the university what you are making a claim for academic credit for, how you are seeing this claim in the context of your professional practice and within the context of a wider field of practice and scholarship. Please give some thought to your AOL titles, making sure that they are clearly identifying the Area of Learning that you are addressing in that essay, that they refer to the discipline of your practice (ie: 'The use of imagery', would be more effectively stated as 'The use of imagery in teaching classical ballet'). Please do ensure that your AOL titles are not longer than 60 characters in length, if they are this simply delays the process of them being accredited as they will come straight back to us for revision. The claim sheet does have examples to guide you in how and where relevant information should go, please do follow this and don't forget to include your professional practice statement at the top of the form where indicated in order to offer context to the whole RPL claim

The RPL claim sheet is in the Forms and Templates folder on your programme page UniHub.

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Module Two: Research focus

Last night we had a skype discussion with a module two focus.
We unpacked 'a research inquiry', looking at terminology around research, qualitative research, methodology, literature review, research methods, data, analysis and ethics. We stripped back and talked about our research questions in order to really discuss relevance in the other terms and stages of the research. Rhoda flagged up the need to take into account the scope and range of the inquiry and to be realistic in what we might achieve within a 12 week time frame. We're not going to save the world but contribute to it through this research. 

Catherine, Fiona, Rhoda and Tanith will blog about the areas they found most useful from the discussion...