Thursday, 9 March 2017

Stumbling with confidence...

I was reading this piece from Paul Kleiman on my train journey this morning (on my way to assess some student work actually)...I thought it might resonate with you too ...

Let me know what you think!



  1. Hi Helen,
    This article is really very interesting and helpful to support my understanding and very approriate at this point of time as I am struggling, stumbling get to its philosophies. I think I need to re-read them and other older posts to reinforce those theories. Thanks for sharing this. Really appreicate.

  2. This is super interesting and something I 100% agree with. I think it will take a generation of relasiation that we need to get rid of that need for the line of determination.
    Then it will take an generation of implementation. I think it can be hard for other to see when your are clinical and scientific minded yet when exposed to such things I think it encourages a scientific mind Aswell as a creative one.
    Guess we are the start of hopefully change and a more understanding and less linear education system...

  3. Hi Helen

    Found this really interesting and a great comparison to understand the differences between both approaches. I think education and learning is very much measured by results, science, quantitative data that further follows that strict system of results based approaches, when actually there are multiple realities. My classes are very much based on learning through each other and from each other especially in creation where it's a continuous learning curve depending on what matters, inspires and drives us on that particular day and in that moment.
    Very interesting and helpful to write my next blog, thanks for sharing!

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