Friday, 2 November 2012

Which hat(s) did you wear today?

Really interesting to be reading/talking through some of your thoughts on your AoLs this week.  I am reminded by them, of just how many hats we wear as dancers!!  The ability to change hats (at speed, and not always at will) is a skill I believe we develop through experience hand in hand with the ability to inhabit those hats.  To move from being teacher, to administrator, to counsellor, to choreographer, to careers advisor, to technician, to production manager, to mum in a single day is quite a feat and yet I (and from the looks of it, I am not alone) can do this on a daily basis!
Making sure we embody what these hats mean to us and are present in the moment whilst wearing them is vital, that the shifting of hats doesn't equate to the diluting of each role is (another) responsibility we carry.

The same needs to apply to your AoLs; understanding what each area means to you, how and what you have learnt in that area of your career and how you attribute value to it as an individual strength in your practice.

I am a big fan of colours, and colour-coding information in order to make sense of it.  If I am preparing a written paper, I will get all of my research together, lay it all over my lounge floor and get busy with the highlighter pens!  Anything relating to education - blue, to choreographic practice - green, to performance - yellow and so on.  It then really helps me to see what research sits where, where different themes may integrate and to lose the research that maybe turns out not to be so relevant.

It may be something you want to try in order to see more clearly your individual AoLs and later to compile your RoL.

Do share your thoughts on hats, colours or anything else that comes to mind here!!


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