Friday, 19 April 2013

Looking Ahead...

So, aware that much of your time (particularly those on Module One) has been spent looking back, reflecting on past experiences, I thought we'd take a look forward now in light of working towards your next deadline of May 31, but DON'T PANIC, we do have time before we get there!!

Module Ones, you're now well into writing up your AOLs and gathering evidence to support the claims that you are making in these for academic credit.  A reminder here not to worry too much about the number of individual AOLs, nor to stress about each being of equal volume.  By the nature of your prior learning and experiences some of you will have more individual AOLs, which may be less weighty by cover a range of titles amongst them (teaching, managing, directing, marketing, business, choreography, working with children...) others may have less AOLs in number, but more weight within these depending on your experience of fewer roles in greater depth perhaps.  So please do remember that YOU are the key to all of these, that each Portfolio submitted is individual, reflective of YOUR learning journey, YOUR experiences, they do not have to conform to any standardised method as such.  You portfolio once complete should comprise of your CV and current Job Description, your Areas of Learning (in number and depth appropriate to your experiences) with accompanying evidence to support these claims, and finally your Review of Learning essay, drawing on the reflection you've engaged with during this module, integration of theory you've applied and an evaluation of your learning journey on the MAPP so far.  Remembering you can discuss your draft RoL with your advisor for feedback before submitting.

Module Twos, you've been busy looking at what's out there in the way of literature on and around your proposed areas of research, of philosophical thought that may influence or underpin your stance as a researcher, trying out some pilot studies to ascertain the possibilities of your planned inquiries.  Start looking now at drafting your inquiry proposal.  Thinking about the design and methodology you will use, the ethical considerations of your proposed research (remembering that an Ethics form along with employer consent and individual consent forms must be completed and submitted as part of this proposal - check on LibGuides for the form/format of this) and its potential impact.  Continue to blog and to contribute to discussions on Linked-in where appropriate in order to fuel your own journey and support each others.  Looking lastly to your Review of Learning essay.  As in Module One, this is an evaluation of your journey through the MAPP from Module One through Module Two, reflecting on how your learning has developed, changed, been influenced by the process of arriving at your planned inquiry.  Remembering that you can draw on thoughts noted in your personal Reflective Journals, on blogs, through discussions here too.

On June 7, Adesola and I would very much like to offer the opportunity for all MAPPers to get together for coffee/tea, dare I say a cold drink, should the weather improve ever!  We thought it would be a good opportunity to meet, with us and each other to share experiences in person, get to know one another more and review/question any aspect of the MAPP.  So please do make a note of the date in your diaries, FRI JUNE 7, 4pm at our Hendon Campus.

Wishing you all a good week for now..

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