Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A body of knowledge...

Something to share with you all this week, a new site launched today which documents the specific teaching methods of Robert Cohan.

Cohan was responsible for bringing contemporary/American Modern dance from his training/work with Martha Graham in the US to the UK.  Anne Donnelly (Director of Programmes in Dance at Middlesex) and Prof. Chris Bannerman (Professor in Dance and Director of the Research Centre for Dance at Middlesex (both former dancers with Cohan) have engaged in this research project specifically looking at and capturing Cohan's teaching methods.

Take a look...http://www.rescen.net/rctp/index.html#.UnlqcY7H021


  1. Thanks for sharing Helen, really interesting stuff.

  2. DITTO above comment.

    I really enjoyed it and it was good to revisit that form of modern dance technique again after so many years. I liked the narrative descriptions of each of the exercise sets and from a body memory perspective it gave me a new way of experiencing them trusting the internal dialogue and imagery I used to recreate what the intention was of each exercise - it made better sense to me now that I'm a lot older!. I enjoyed the use of the floor work and the gradual progression to standing. With the test of time it I can still feel the sensations of life as a young dancer in those classes but this time with a greater appreciation and older head than that of a young teenager!