Thursday, 6 February 2014

Settling in...

A week of adjusting, noticing, reading, thinking as you all begin the first steps of your next MAPP journey
Great to talk with most of you during our Skype group call last weekend, hoping the general fear/excitement is slowly tipping more towards excitement this week!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts through your blogs this week too!  Don't forget to check-in with each others if you haven't done so yet.  All of our blog addresses are listed on the LibGuides page:
A brief check-in for the first week's learning:
Module Ones - Making sense of the module handbooks, talking to your advisor if you have any questions.  Starting to look at your CV as your first task.  Try to really begin unpicking what each role has involved in terms of the learning embedded in it.  Begin to get into some sort of study routine, check-in on each others blogs as well as ours and writing your own, weekly if you can.
Module Twos - Try to start embracing research as part of you, something that is all around you, that you do on a regular basis, without necessarily articulating it as such prior to now.  Try not to hold it at arms length as something separate to you.  Maybe look back over your AOLs and start to see what you notice in them, what questions you may have within certain areas, or identifying threads of conversations running through them.  Drawing up a framework for yourselves working back from the assessment submission date for this module (May 13th) was something that was suggested following your apprehensions voiced last weekend.  Join the Linked-In MAPP Dance Pedagogy discussion group, read back through previous discussions see what you notice there, what others have said, what questions you have.
Module Threes - Talking with your advisor.  Looking at your Gantt chart, looking at your research proposal and the feedback you've received on it.  Reviewing what you have proposed to do, and working out how you might begin doing it!  Share your research areas/ideas through your blogs, start talking/writing about what it is that interests you, what you are researching.  See what comments you may get from others.  
Date for your diaries - Sunday March 2, 11am Next Group Skype.
Remember you can arrange a one-to-one with your advisor at any time also
  <aonthephone> - Adesola
  <helen.kindred2> - Helen

All for now...

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