Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Creative Habits...

Some mid-week food for thought for you all as we ponder pedagogy / andragogy, males / females, people, life, dance...

What are your thoughts?



  1. Thank you for this Helen, It is really helpful for me. I am being drawn to this subject of creativity especially in Boys and Primary age they define their own creativity, and if the context, environment, ideas of themselves can help/hinder the flow.If Dance is a successful medium for creativity being it a physical art form compared to others. We as dancers know it has been for us But its not really the norm for most boys. I have had boys have to stop Dancing because of other things being forced on them for instance a strict Rugby training that is compulsory at the school. So unfortunately they had to give up their dancing. I feel a political or social element can be looked at with that or ideologies of what boys "should" be doing.
    Best wishes

  2. Such an interesting article Helen. It is so good to read things like that once in a while, as they make you feel not alone in this world. Artist are usually considered day dreamers as we create constantly in our minds, we process so many things at the same time that only we know.... I associate with this day dreaming a lot!! Many times got criticised for it as its considered useless and annoying for others. People who do not work in Arts consider artists almost autistic, I agree with it till certain degree. Oh, and that point of loosing track of time!! Yessss I wanted to shout when I was reading it, yessss its me too!!! Sometimes I just wish I could move to the desert island for the time of MAPP!! I bet some of my colleagues on the programme would like that too! It would be so great if you wouldn't have to look at the time, write whenever you want, not to be bothered by anybody or any schedule, ah how great that would be!! There I go day dreaming again ;-) Great article Helen, thank you for posting it!! Aggy

  3. Thanks for the post Helen. Frustratingly I wrote a comment earlier only to lose it! Don't know what happened (its somewhere on the web) but in true creative style and also in reference to one of the definitions when overcoming obstacles - an African saying Necessity is the mother of Invention"! As creatives we so need to draw on the compexities and paradoxes of what makes us human and creative and unique! and those moments when things challenge us, like me losing my original post but through acceptance and moving on swiftly on my creative feet capture the essence of what it was I tried to say/post earlier! Now gotta go, as children are demanding breakfast!

  4. I came across this one today, sounds about right too ;-) Unfortunatelly I can not copy paste that picture so just gonna type it. Happy reading ;-)

    Creative PEOPLE....

    1.easily bored
    2.risk takers
    3.colour outside the lines
    4.think with their heart
    5.make lots of mistakes
    6.hate the rules independently
    8.change their mind a lot
    9.have a reputation for eccentricity
    10.dream big

    I can agree a lot with it, just like with the link Helen posted. Don't we just love being creative ;-) xx