Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Feeding on from our last group skype call, I said I would post deadlines for drafts for you to help with your own timelines or check-lists of what needs doing when.

We have set a date for you sending us a last draft ahead of submission for 

This gives us time to read and feedback before taking a break over the holiday period (Dec 19-Jan 2).  Please do think what you would like feedback on at this point.  Most of you on Module One are busy drafting your first AOL now and receiving feedback on this, from this experience you should feel ok to write the other AOLs, you do not need to send us drafts of each one.  So maybe that last draft submission for you is the reflective essay?  Or the evidence/illustrations for your AOL claims?  Module Two and Three, whilst a different preparation, still try to identify what you would like feedback on, this is not a pre-hand-in check as such, but an opportunity to seek clarification and support in order to move on with finalising your work for submission.

Any last questions you may have, you can contact us via email between Jan 2 and your submission date of Jan 5th, but we will not be able to read through or feedback on drafts of work at this stage.

Otherwise...I hope all is going well for everyone and that you're enjoying the journey!



  1. I have sent in first draft of AOL and received feedback. Once I have made amendments can I resend for comments or should I just move on to next AOL?

  2. I have that same question. Are we able to resend our AOL to ensure that we are on the right track?

  3. I need some help in selecting Evidence for my AoLs, can I get help for that as well?

  4. You can always email any questions you have, but you do not need to re-submit drafts of each AOL once you and your advisor are happy with the first AOL.