Friday, 15 February 2013


Nice to catch in on some of your blogs this week and read about the thoughts arising from your initial reading of the module handbooks and from your research specific literature (Module Twos and Threes).  Questions concerning time, process, documentation, sharing of practice, intentions of imagery in teaching all out take a look and respond to each others blogs when you can.  Some great opening discussions around Professionalism on the Linked-in group discussions also this week, take a look and feed in your thoughts if you haven't already, this is going to be a great place for sharing ideas, research, posing questions, maybe finding answers, maybe posing some more questions!    Start to share your experiences of the suggested tasks in your handbook this week also if you haven't and if you can, start forming your opinions based on knowledge, related to philosophy within a particular field of practice.  How do you interpret an historical account, how do you interpret what you see in a body of work?

Module Ones I hope you have had a chance to wade through (without feeling too swamped) your introduction and task handbooks this week, it would be great if you could share your thoughts on what you've read, on embarking on the MA, raise any questions through your blogs this week.  I wonder if any events in your own teaching practice have struck you this week, what have you experienced, what have you thought about it?  Do start keeping your personal Reflective Journals to document all of this as you go through the whole programme, those on Module Two remember to keep these journals going also, but try to share your thoughts on the tasks in the handbooks as you complete them too; whilst they are not for formal assessment, it would be interesting for you (and us) to share your experiences.  What have you learned from theory about reflection, and what are you thinking about how this theory might relate to your own teaching practice?  What questions arise for you?  What is affirmed?  Try to blog on this, this week as it will also help you in preparation for looking at your CV and current Job Description next.

Have a good week, look forward to hearing about some of it!


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