Friday, 8 February 2013

New Beginnings

So, we're all getting ready to start term on Monday...A big Welcome to those joining the MAPP journey this term and a warm welcome back to those of you returning this term to embark on the next stage of your journey through the MAPP DTP.

As we're all thinking about new starts and preparation for new experiences and learning I thought I would make a list, as I find lists help me to at least identify things that are happening in my life.  Whether I work through the things on that list methodically or end up adding more to it, as one item, sparks an idea that generates three more, that's another matter!  But here we go..

A weekend 'to do' list:

1.  Make sure you can access all the materials relevant to your module on the libguides page

2. Have a read through your Module Handbook.
For those about to start Module One make sure you read through the Introduction to Module One Handbook FIRST, and for all, note down any thoughts or questions you may have as you go.

3.  For those on Module One, have a go at getting your blogs set up, we recommend using the e-blogger site for this, guidance on 'how to' is in your Introduction to Module One Handbook, or feel free to skype with your advisor for help.  Once set up, why not post your first blog and share your thoughts on starting the programme with the rest of the MAPP community here.
For those on Module Two and Three, get yourselves linked-in on Linked-in!
and join the discussions, check in with each other there with your thoughts on planning or starting your research for your next modules.

4.  Go through your diaries and make a note to check in with each others and our blogs at some point each week if you can.  Do this at a time that works for you, when you have some time, and don't worry if you have a hectic week and don't manage to blog religiously on the day you'd intended!  I tend to blog on Fridays, Adesola on a Thursday or Friday.  Blog when you want to, when you have something to share, and do leave comments to other blogs that you read also, lots of fruitful discussions about dance, art, teaching, MAPP modules and life in general can grow that way...

5.  Go out for a walk, bake a cake, run yourself a hot bath...have some time to do whatever it is you like to do to relax, rest mind, body and spirit and look forward to the journey that lies ahead...


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