Monday, 23 September 2013

Getting started...

Lovely to meet with most of you last week, and catch up with returning students of course!

As you know we like to communicate through a variety of means on the MAPP DTP and those of you on Module one now, your first task is to set up and post your first blog.  If you could let me have your blog addresses ASAP I can then add them to our LibGuides page and you can all link up with each others blogs in order to be able to comment on and exchange thoughts that way.

Those of Module two and three, please do make sure you are linked with each other through your blogs too (I have updated on LibGuides, so that you can find links to each others blogs under the separate modules and under a comprehensive list also, titled Blogs!).  Module three's, we spoke about you all sharing what you're doing in terms of your research through your blogs with each other to start you back into using your blogs this term.  Module two's for you to get linked in on Linked-In on our MAPP DTP discussion group, for a wider sharing of practice and ideas here.

Your learning/study weeks for all of you this term run from MONDAY SEPT 30 (being week 1) through to Friday Dec 20 (being the end of week 12)  with submission of work for assessment on MONDAY JAN 7 2014.  Module Three's will also have their oral/practical presentations of TUES JAN 21 2014, to which you are all welcome to attend and support.

So in preparation for week 1 - blogs up and running, dates in diaries, linked in on Linked-in, and bedtime reading of your handbooks!

Of course, any questions now, or at any time, Adesola and I are here, online, on the phone, in person...

Deep breath in and let's go!!


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