Friday, 4 October 2013

Week One...

A very frustrated post, in a nutshell this is why...

'Imagine you've been working on a Blogger post for several hours.    It's finally ready: you've got the wording exactly right, everything is formatted with bold, italics and bullet-points, your pictures and links are all correct, etc.    

But then your internet connection stops working.   Or you click the Publish button - and get a message like  "Post cannot be saved due to HTML errors".  

OR, you try to add a link to an article that you think will be of interest to all across the three MAPP modules and in doing so you lose the blog you've just been writing!!

Sorry, calming now and trying to re-draft!

Hope you have all had a good week anyway, enjoying reading your blogs and seeing that you are beginning to connect with each other through them too!

In brief,
Module One - take a look at your CV this week, unpicking, re-drafting, unpicking some more, reflecting, knowing, re-drafting.  Email this to your advisor this week please, and continue to reflect on your learning and share via your blogs.  Try to get into the habit of using your personal reflective journals too.  These are not for us to see or comment on, but will be useful for you and may feed into your writing (Review of Learning essay) later in the module.

Module Two - identifying your area of research and beginning to look at where you sit within it in terms of your stance, experiences.  Take a look at the work of a dancer you admire and try to relate it to notions of knowledge, certainty, body positivism. This is in order for you to explore and expand your own understanding of these notions not to define right or wrong.  

Module Three - share (if you haven't already) your area of research.  Talking/writing about what you are looking at, what your questions are can really help you to both articulate with confidence what it is you're interested in, and may help you find answers, and hopefully more questions as you move forwards to critically reviewing your project.

The article I wanted to share with you is written by Rebecca Enghauser, entitled The Quest for an Ecosomatic Approach to Dance Pedagogy...daren't try to attach it again, I hope you can find it!!  Any problems, email me and I'll attach it to an email by return!

Good wishes for the week ahead!

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  1. Hi Helen - please could you email me the article as I can only seem to access the abstract - thank you! Janet