Friday, 4 October 2013

Week One...

I hope you've all had a good week and managed now to get your heads around the module's you're moving through with us this term.

Those that have requested hard copies if module handbooks, these should have reached you now, if anyone else would like theirs sent please do let me know.

So, what has your week offered you?

Module One's great to see most of your blogs up and running now and that you're linking in with each other through them.  Don't forget to get into the habit of keeping your personal reflective journal also.  This is not for us to see or comment on, but may well be useful to feed into your writing (Review of Learning Essay) later in the module.  Equally Module Three's, good to see your presence back on linked-in as well as your blogs.

Tasks for the week ahead:
Module One - drafting, un-picking, re-drafting you CV's.  Taking your time to look at the learning embedded in each experience, and remembering that on this programme we value experience as knowledge, whether work has been paid or unpaid, long or short term, it's all part of your journey, and we want you to reflect on it in terms of your learning and knowing.

Module Two - Identifying your area of research now and starting to look at where you may position yourself in relation to it in relation to your stance in knowledge and learning.  Try to work through the initial tasks in your handbook and share with us your thoughts and findings through your blogs this week.  Look at the body of work from a dancer that inspires or excites you and try to relate it to notions of knowledge, certainty, body positivism; explore and expand your own understanding of these notions. 

Module Three - sharing with us all (if you haven't yet) your area of research.  Talking through what you're looking at, what your questions may be in relation to your research through your blogs can be a really useful way of moving forward in your understanding, maybe finding some resolutions, maybe finding more questions!  

Leaving you with this link, an article from Rebecca Enghauser, that I hope will resonate in some way with all of you and your journey on the MAPP.


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