Wednesday, 20 August 2014

New directions...

A short interim blog to begin to get our thoughts into MAPP mode again before the start of the new term.  I hope everyone has had / is having some kind of break this summer and feeling refreshed for the next study period!

Adesola and I have been looking both at dates and scheduling for MAPP for the coming year and also at accessibility of resources and building our MAPP community online and we have now made a move over to integrating the MAPP DTP with the university's UniHub system.  So, before the start of term take a few minutes and visit our new page.

login to MyUniHub
Click on MyLearning
Go to MA Professional Practice Dance Technique Pedagogy page

NB: please don't follow the guides allocated under the module codes (WBS4510, 4630, 4760) these are generic Work-Based Learning guides, which although helpful, are not geared to our subject specific learning on the MAPP DTP

On the MA Professional Practice Dance Technique Pedagogy page you will find folders headed simply;

Handbooks & Resources
Learning Community
University Resources
Submission - January
Submission - May

Take a look through, your new handbooks for the modules you'll be starting in Sept are there for you, along with reading lists and supporting materials.  We've made a Learning Community folder to give you direct easy access to everyone's blogs, our Linked-In discussion group and offered a guide to the support you can benefit from on the MAPP DTP, how to use tutorials, when to submit drafts of work etc... University Resources offers you links to the library catalogue and advisers, finance and disability support services should you need to contact someone there, and the Submission folders are where you'll now submit your work at the end of the modules - we'll talk through all of this during our Skype chats beforehand so don't panic, it is very easy to upload/submit.

Take a look and please do comment on here and let us know of anything else you think would be useful to have on the page - it's for you!

Some dates to share for you all for now:

Welcome back Skype group call for all will be on SUNDAY SEPT 21 at 19.00 UK time
The shift to a later time on Sundays for our Skype calls is to accommodate all MAPPers and find a time that hopefully works wherever we all are in the world!

Start of term 1- Monday Sept 29, 2014
Holiday period runs Dec 19 - Jan 5 (we will have a pre hand-in skype on Jan 4)
Submission at the end of term 1 - Jan 5, 2015
Finalist presentations (Module Three) - Jan 19, 2015

Start of term 2 - Monday Feb 2, 2015
Holiday period runs March 27 - April 19 (limited access to advisors during this time)

Submission at the end of term 2 - May 11, 2015
Finalist presentations (Module Three) - May 29, 2015

So...dates in diaries, check in on MyUniHub to the MAPP DTP page, have a read through your next module handbook, of course feel free to blog anytime and enjoy the rest of the summer!



  1. Thanks Helen for all the info and dates very helpful! And the new page is great!

  2. Thanks Helen, all read and understood. Indeed the new page is very good, very clear as well. And 19th of January.....scary!!!

  3. great, thanks Jamie and Aggy, glad it's working ok! Looking forward to having you all back on board and more learning, talking, sharing soon!