Sunday, 14 September 2014

Skype for you...

A warm welcome to all of you joining us on the MAPP DTP this term!

It was great to meet so many of you at our Skype Induction this evening, and I look forward to talking with you all again soon and working with you on your journeys through the MA.  If you didn't make it onto skype this evening, don't worry, if you're reading this you've connected with us in some way and they'll be another opportunity to meet everyone on skype again next Sunday.

Given our growing community on the MAPP DTP, in number and location (which both Adesola and I are really excited about!) we thought it may be good to offer 2 skype sessions per month, one at a UK morning time, the other at UK evening time, to give you the choice to check-in at a time that suits you, and so that we are not too many voices in one epic call!

The skype sessions scheduled for this term are as follows; feel free to join when you can, put the dates in your diaries now and if you're online be a part of the call : )

All times are given as UK (London) time:

Sun Sept 21; 19.00 - all returning students to check-in and newly enrolled students welcome
Sun Oct 5; 19.00  
Sun Oct 12; 11.00
Sun Nov 2; 19.00
Sun Nov 9; 11.00
Sun Dec 7; 19.00
Sun Dec 14; 11.00

We won't hold a group skype over the winter break (Dec 19-Jan 5) but appreciate that Jan 5 is your submission date at the end of this term, so we will blog the week of Dec 29, with a hand-in check list and you will be able to contact your advisor that week via email also.

So, plan now for all new students ahead of our first week on Sept 29;

  • Set up your blog and share something of yourself, your thoughts as you start on the MA (fears are good to share too!)  Email me with your blog address so that I can add you to the list on our Learning Community on Unihub.
  • Think about your work/home environment and maybe try out where/how you think you can work effectively, be it out at a coffee shop, at a quiet time of day for you at home, getting an early start on your day before work...whatever works for you.
  • Read through the Module Handbook, note down any questions you may have.
  • Check-in with your advisor to make sure you are in contact, have the correct emails, discuss how contact may work best for you, be it email, phone, Skype...
Have a great week!


  1. Hi Helen,

    Was talking in the staff room to my colleagues about some of the new books i will be reading and my new positive direction! They literally politely nodded and pretended to listen, but I was not to bothered, i guess I am a little excited. Just in relation to the student card should i post you the passport size pictures for the ID card? Would that be easier? I am also really happy that we have more skype options, I am sure I will be on most of them, but I really enjoy the calls and i quite like listening to everyone talk!
    Thank you for your email, I will defo be investigating the journal you recommended and blogging all about it!


  2. Great, yes do share your thoughts on the journal through your blog, that'd be great. I think one of the great things about the MAPP community is that we're all interested in what each other has to share, even if no-one else around us seems to me! We'll all continue to be excited with you!