Monday, 29 September 2014


MAPP DTP term starts here!

September, always feels like a good time to say 'Happy New Year' to everyone for me, as new terms begin in teaching, old students flying the nest about to embark on new adventures, new students starting out on a new journey...So, fair to say a fair amount of apprehension in the air this week?  

I'm not going to overload you with more to think about or to do right now, but ask you to just take a moment with the following quote.

You don't have to see the whole staircase.  
Just take the first step.
(Martin Luther King)

One step at a time, bite-size chunks...

Module Ones - taking a look at your CV, beginning to think about how you got here.
Module Twos - taking a look through your AOLs, beginning to hear what they're saying to you about your next step.
Module Threes - taking a look through your Research Proposal, beginning to ask those questions now through/of your research.

Blog addresses are all updated on UniHub (Learning Community folder) share your experiences, check-in with others...

Have a good first week : )

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  1. "Happy New Year" to you too Helen. Lets all have a very inspiring, creative and productive times on our Modules! And that sentence from Martin Luther King.... I kind of felt relived reading it for a moment :-) It is so true thought. Most of the time Im so focused on the final product, where in this case is the final presentation, that I forget sometimes to enjoy the process of creation and research. Thank you for this reminder :-) I needed this!