Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Between Modules...

Thanks for your submissions of work this week and WELL DONE! 

Just a note to let you know what happens in this in-between modules time now...

Please do make a note and attend if you possibly can (in person or via Skype if you let us know beforehand) our MA finalists presentations on MONDAY JAN 18TH.
These will be held on our Hendon Campus (London NW4) in the Grove Dance Theatre (G190)
and will run from 10am to approx 3pm (UK time) with four finalists, Maria, Sarah, Cathie and Suzy presenting their research.

Whilst Adesola and I are busy marking, you are encouraged to access the module handbook for your next module (all available on our MAPP DTP page on UniHub).  Start having a read through to familiarise yourself a little with the next shift in your MAPP journey.

The next term starts on MONDAY FEB 1, with our first monthly group Skype meeting on Sunday Feb 7, for all new and returning students (and any MA alumni very welcome to still join!).

We aim to send you feedback on your work submitted by the end of January, with grades being published on UniHub after the assessment boards in February.

All best wishes for the year ahead...



  1. Thanks Helen, I was just inquiring about the 'what next'. I would definitely like to attend the presentations on 18th via skype. Thanks Tara

    1. Is it too late to attend the skype session? I am 4 hours ahead though so could probably only see the first one.