Tuesday, 2 February 2016

New term...

Welcome back all returning students continuing on their MAPP journeys this term and warm welcome those joining us this week too!

So, just a short post from me to check-in on the first week of term.  First week back, getting yourselves into study mode again...whether that's after the winter break or after a long break from studying in any formal sense...trying to find space, physically and metaphorically for the MA in your lives, re-adjusting patterns, finding your grove again with all the elements that make up you, your practice, your home-life, your study.  Taking some time this week to read through the handbook for the module you're starting, checking in on blogs, setting one up if you're joining us now this term (have a look round at others to get a feel for them), requesting to join our Linked-In discussion group (MAPP Dance Pedagogy) if you're not on there already...maybe posting something of your research interests those of you on Module Three now, to share with others...

Check-in with Adesola's blog -


she has posted times for our first monthly Group Skype back - It's this coming SUNDAY FEB 7!  Please do comment on her blog to indicate which call you would like to join (AM / PM) and make sure you've connected with us on Skype before then also!


Any queries around enrolment / re-enrolment please do contact our admissions team <g.ohemeng@mdx.ac.uk> new starters or student achievement team <a.meah@mdx.ac.uk> returning students.  For finance please email <stufees@mdx.ac.uk> let us know if you experience any problems though, we don't want administrative issues to delay you getting going on the programme!

Looking forward to hearing from you all on Sunday!


  1. Im still unable to find the Linkedin Group. Any idea on how to find it?

  2. It's a Linkedin discussion group called MAPP Dance Pedagogy, if it doesn't come up in a search, try and access it from my linkedin page it should show up in the list of groups I'm in?