Sunday, 6 November 2016

First Skype call...Nov 6...

Some good discussions from those of you able to join the first call today around Experiential Learning, the value of it, how we might articulate it, the balance between reflection, critical judgement and personal narratives, the role of literature and theory and its relationship with our experiences...

Maïté is going to blog her thoughts around finding the balance between personal narrative and reflective practice in writing the AOL essays.

Becky spoke about possible ways of illustrating the AOL claims and will blog around the notions of not having to prove yourself and what you've done, but fleshing out the writing of the AOL claim and the different shapes the 'evidence' might take.

Barbara will write about the way she feels literature has been inspiring her journey through this module and guiding her thoughts and reflections.

Samantha has been intrigued by the theories of learning, (Kolb, Gibbs...) and will talk about these in relation to her teaching/learning practice.

Parimala wants to talk about the moment of re-addressing balance in the AOLs and the use of the literature within these, integrating theory with practice.


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