Sunday, 6 November 2016

Second Group Skype...Nov 6

The second conversations today during the group Skype chats were largely around data, gathering, sorting, analysing, managing...finding links between things (themes, experiences, literature) and being OK with 'things' not having to fit neatly into pre-defined pockets.

Sam is going to talk more in her blog about the dialogue between external influences and internal processes in dance.

Tammy was interested in discussing further embodiment and how our perspectives may challenge existing systems.

Tara is going to follow on our discussions today around assumptions and the assumptions we hold as/about dancers in particular.

Davis will talk about his current thinking around translation, perception, the recognition of differences and similarities in our practices, in our learning as a global community.

Alanna will follow-up discussions we began in the call around the need to make choices in our selection of data, of experiences in order to find/reveal relevance and make meaningful the intentions of our research.

Great to be a part of discussions today, look forward to furthering these through the blogs ...

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