Monday, 8 October 2012

How did I get here?

So.. I wasn't going to post a MAPP DTP blog until later in the week, but decided I should act as these moments occur, rather than planning to have something to share on a particular day! (as never seems to work anyway!)
I delivered the first lecture of the academic year at mdx today;  a Year 3 dance undergrad module I lead called Professional Studies.  The module runs over 11 weeks and unpacks the dance profession in its broadest sense, offering an opening of the eyes for some students as to the range of career routes out there in dance, and raising awareness of the role that they need to play as individuals in shaping the continuing development of the art form.  Anyway, today's lecture looked at 'Portfolio Careers' and in order to illustrate by example in part, I shared with the group my career in dance, certainly not on one linear route, but drawing experience from many different pathways, and continuing to do so.  I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment in having this opportunity to share my learning and achievement to date, but more than that I really enjoyed opening discussions with the group as to our life journeys, how dance is intrinsic to them and visa versa.
Having fresh in my mind past experiences, jobs, study, changes in my life, I spent the journey home engrossed in notion of how we get to where we are going, if we ever reach that destination, and what forces shape our pathways..(apologies to anyone else on the A1 this evening for my lack of concentration on the road!)  I wonder what are your thoughts on this..How have you reached your current professional status/context/time?  What have been the driving forces shaping that journey?...

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