Monday, 22 October 2012

If you are able to make any, we have a series of CPD workshops at Middlesex this term..first one is this Friday, free to MAPP DTP's, you are welcome to participate or observe, and very much invited to join in the discussions of each session.

Professional Practice Fridays

"A series of workshops offering the
opportunity for Post Graduate and
Final Year Undergraduate dancers
to engage in Practice As Research
within a professional environment."

Studio To Stage
Helen Kindred/KindredDance
An examination of Release-based
technique from a pedagogical
perspective, encouraging discussion of
the relationship between internal processes
and performance within a choreographic
context. Session includes a release-based class
workshop and discussion based around
KindredDance's current choreographic work.
Friday October 26th
2pm -6pm
College Studio, Hendon

Unpacking Process from Product
Shaded Voice
Analysis of the choreographic process
through observation and participation.
(open class and rehearsal session)
Friday November 2nd
College Studio, Hendon

Other sessions will include Contact Improvisation with Susanne Martin and Ballet (Cecchetti) with Denzil Bailey, plus repeated sessions with KindredDance and Shaded Voice.

all best for the week

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