Friday, 19 October 2012


So, I am wondering how your 2nd week has been?  My week seems to have flown by, a little too fast..I have noticed how the time spent in the studio seems to be on a different clock than the time I spend at my desk, at home, with my family.  The studio is, for me, a place where I can find time and space and the energy I need to play, investigate and learn through moving with my students, I feel as though time stops for us for those moments, and allows us to share knowledge and new discoveries, whilst out of the studio I feel as though I play catch-up constantly, with my energy split in so many different directions, I need to keep working on this balance!  I know some of you have been really busy this week too, and that TIME has come up as an issue in your blogs.  It is important to find those spaces in your day/week/month/life where you don't feel so governed or pressured by having to fit so much into your time, and I hope rather than being an additional burden on your time, your engagement with the MAPP DTP is offering a little of that space, encouraging you to press PAUSE, look, think, learn, before pressing PLAY again.

You have been delving into your CVs this week and looking back on what you've done in your careers, don't forget to seek to understand the 'how' of your learning here also, this is really important for you to value and to use in your RoLs.  Remember that your CVs are exciting, diverse, creative, reflective of you as professionals, keep them quite open as you progress through this module, and refer back to them as you begin now to think about unpicking your current Job Description and identifying your Areas of Learning.  Be sure to be honest with your Job Description; what is the job you actually do? Not the Job Description that is supposed to represent that role.  I think in dance we all know that a formal JD often takes flexibility to the extremes! So look at what you actually prepare, deliver, share on a day to day basis in your current role(s).  This again will feed into your Areas of Learning, which you need to start identifying also.

I will post information this weekend on some CPD opportunities coming up on campus this autumn/winter, it would be great to see some of you at these events if you can make them.

all good wishes for now

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  1. Hi Helen

    I totally know what you mean about time and the studio! It is such a solace - an oasis of learning where you do not have to do anything else other than what you walked into the room to do, but outside of that, even in the other strand of my job, it is flat out 24/7! I am getting better at planning and making choices, and do try to include some daily switching off time. I am on top of everything I need to be, just about, but I make this so as I cannot cope with being behind and getting there at the last minute. Remind me of this as the course goes on - I do not want to tempt fate!

    I also agree regarding Job Descriptions! My current one has the useful caveat 'Any other Ad Hoc duties' mmm.... does that cover the laundry for the staff kitchen then? I guess it does!!

    Have a good afternoon.